Harry Potter Original Watercolor Illustration 18x24

this illustration is supposed to take you through the story of Harry Potter.

The narrative elements of the illustration:

The lilies at the bottom signify that Lily Potter’s death and sacrifice were the foundation to the entire prophecy and story.

The broom is also the foundation of Harry’s joy and love for the wizard of world.

And the time turner being the tool that allowed him to save Sirius, his only surviving family member aside from the Dursleys. Thus starting his Order membership and kicking off his end quest to defeat Voldemort.

The doe is both Lily and Severus Snape. Without their sacrifice, Hogwarts and Harry would have been lost.

The Stag is Harry and in a way James. It wasn’t until the turning point in Prisoner of Azkaban when Harry realized that he saved himself from the dementors and not his father that Harry became confident enough to take on his hero’s quest to defeat Voldemort.

Hogwarts castle represents the wizarding world and is the place that Harry feels most at home and is what he wants to protect.

The terrier and otter are Ron and Hermione. Without them, Harry would have failed in book 1. They are the most important people in his life.

The snitch represents Harry’s kindness and his skill. He won the position of seeker by being kind to Neville and standing up to Draco when he threw Neville’s remembrall. The position of seeker, however, takes a lot of skill, speed and tenacity. All of which Harry has in spades.

The sorting hat played a huge roll in not only setting up the story by sorting Harry into Gryffindor but also revealing the sword of Gryffindor to Neville, allowing him to slay Nagini thus allowing Harry to defeat Voldemort.

The Phoenix represents Dumbledore and his presence, influence and guidance throughout the books.

And lastly the hallows because of Voldemort’s quest to defeat death which is the only reason the story happened to begin with.

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