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Creating art helps me connect and relive my most precious childhood moments, experiences, motivations and fantasies. I remember sitting in church every Sunday morning with my grandma and dad. I would spend service kneeling over the seat of the pew and drawing on the back of the visitation cards. My grandma would praise my drawings, no matter how bad they were, but my dad was harsh and quick to criticize my work. He possessed an unrefined talent for art, himself, and pushed me to always do my best, even when I just wanted to doodle and draw cartoons. It wasn't until I became an adult, did I understand the motive behind my dad's criticism and that it came from a place of love. I, then, vowed to surpass him and to show him just how amazing my art can become.

My dad has always had high expectations of me and he was never so proud of me as he was when I joined the military. The military was my life and my identity for 6.5 years. I voluntarily deployed to Iraq and I strove to make my dad proud. But, it all came crashing down around me when I was separated from service unexpectedly. I was pregnant with my daughter and floundering to get a good grip on how to function outside the military. I sunk into a deep depression and considered self harm and suicide more times than I care to admit. My daughter was my saving grace and she is the reason I create now. Seeing her eyes light up when I am drawing or painting is beyond inspirational. I have rediscovered my inner child and a well of creativity because of her.

I am inspired and motivated by my dad and my daughter. I want to become a successful artist to make them proud. They are my why behind my creativity and my art.

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"Family is not an important thing, it's everything" - Michael J Fox