Commission Request Form

All commissioned work will be completed on a 4-6 weeks after the deposit has been accepted.  There is some flexibility here, so if you need something sooner, please, include this in your message so I can calculate your quote and deposit accordingly.  I also require 25% of the quote for deposit before I begin work.  This ensures that I can purchase any supplies I need to complete the project.  The deposit is non-negotiable and once I have received and accepted the deposit, work will begin.

I will be contacting you throughout the process and will need you to be available to approve thumbnail sketches, rough sketches, and final works.  The longer it takes you to provide your approval, the longer the project will take.

Below is my base pricing based on artwork dimensions.  If you want a dimension that is not listed, please, let me know so that I can calculate your quote and deposit accordingly.  While these calculations include production time, client/artist interaction, and supplies, there here are several other factors that will come into play when I calculate your quote, but use this as a base guideline.

4 x 6  $ 125
5 x 7 $150
8 x 10 $250
9 x 12 $300
11 x 14 $375
18 x 24 $575
20 x 24 $650



**Additional terms for Christmas 2018 custom orders**

All persons wanting to place a custom order must put in a commission request below. There is only a finite number of requests that I will be taking on, so not every request will be accepted. I will notify you via the email listed on your request form about the status of your request. If you are wait listed, I require that you tell me immediately if you wish to be removed from the wait list. All commissions requests will be reviewed thoroughly and immediately. Please, ensure that your contact details are accurate. If I cannot reach you, or you do not respond to my contact within 7 days of my reaching out to you, I will remove your request from the list. I also require that the deposit is paid prior to my officially accepting your request. All custom orders will be finished and shipped out by Nov 19th. This is to ensure that your artwork arrives before the holiday season. If you need your artwork before this date or are an overseas customer, please include these details in your request form. I will try to prioritize orders not only by first come first serve, but also by estimated shipping time. 


Please, fill in the request form as completely as possible in order to request a commission.  Include the following content in your request message:

Requested medium: (acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, pastels)
Artwork dimensions:
Price range:
Shipping location:
Requested completion date: